Largest Gas Insulated Switchyard in the Middle East
Adding 12 % to the existing total capacity in Iraq
1.250 MW Al-Khairat Power Plant, one of the largest in Iraq

We have 10 years of experience in this field.
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About Us

Çalık Enerji is one of the leading energy companies established in Turkey. As diversified in the energy business, Çalık Enerji is seeking efficiencies via integration of businesses and services in power systems, oil & gas, from upstream to downstream with a work force over 3000 people.

Application of Al-Khairat Power Plant

Al-Khairat Project is designed as a Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP) including a power island of 10 (ten) Gas Turbine – Generators (GTG), Balance of Plant (BOP), and Auxiliary Systems producing 1250 MW of electricity.
Engineering, procurement, logistics, construction including civil works, electro-mechanical installation, tests and commissioning works are in the Scope of Work.